Welcome to Queensland Chryslers.com

This website is made by enthusiast's for enthusiast's.

The website is designed to encourage and assist the preservation, restoration, modification and maintenance of Chrysler vehicles, both classic and new generation.

The aim is to bring together people with a common interest and passion for these vehicles who can then share idea's and experience.

The site aims to keep members informed of the latest news and developments in the world of Chrysler, both locally and globally.

There is a complete section on one of the strongest and most exciting Chrysler clubs in Qld, the Queensland Chrysler Association, including contact details.

While all forum's are available to be viewed by guest's you will need to register to be able to post. Once you are registered with username and password you will also have a private mailbox, from which you can send and recieve private messages (pm).

The administrator would like to invite and encourage any person with a genuine interest in Chrysler vehicles to participate in any or all forum's, irrespective of experience or expertise.

The Link's list will expand over time so if you have a service or business that you think may benefit the participant's of this site please contact admin.

Above all else the site aim's to be an enjoyable experience,both social and friendly, with quality technical help and advice where ever possible, up to date events and invitations calendar, a good place to buy and sell, with news on Chryslers, dragracing and circuit racing and more.


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